About Exhibition

The international exhibition and accompanying presentations and discussions program represent thematic, media and technologically diverse choice of collaborative practices that have successfully integrated knowledge, skills and approaches from various fields of science and art.

In today’s complex, constantly transformative society and environment that rapidly change their appearance, needs and expectations, individuals in the fields of art, design and science have a wide range of possibilities for collaborative practices – from setting critical and philosophical questions that interpret the existence and humanity of today, to creating products that respond to complex needs or inspire new ways of behavior. Science and art are already cooperating and enabling each other’s visibility, understanding and development, while the boundaries between their fields of action, approach, and methodology are changing. Active cooperation and equal involvement of all factors in the entire process – from the idea to the creation of the end product, through true collaboration and disciplinary interlacing – result in exceptional achievements. Without getting overburdened by the boundaries between them.

Such multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches bring about a change not only in creative practice and results, but also in communication and interaction, social and public awareness, the way of solving the problems of today. Innovative practices and concepts are still facing a major challenge in implementing the solutions found and making them accessible to the wider social community.

The exhibition aims to showcase some of the outstanding practices and contribute to the dialogue and support to various creation processes that have successfully combined scientific knowledge and artistic values and skills. Collaborative practices give their truly beneficial contribution to the society as a whole, through works that have made or will  make a significant shift in humanization and the enrichment of the environment, as well as the needs of the present and the future, also leading us to reflect on the consequences that new directions have on the presentation, understanding and changing of the world and ourselves.

Exhibitions curator:
Milica Perić

Exhibitions Art Committee:
Marko Lađušić, Full Professor, Faculty of Applied Arts
Asst. Prof. Zlatko Cvetković, MA, Faculty of Applied Arts
Asst. Prof. Olivera Batajić Sretenović, MA, Faculty of Applied Arts
Asst. Prof. Ljubica Jocić Knežević, PhDArts, Faculty of Applied Arts
Asst. Prof. Tamara Panić, MA, Faculty of Applied Arts