Perspective anamorphosis

Mentor: Marijana Paunović, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade

The importance of applied geometry in visual arts, as well as their mutual interaction, is directly reflected in illusionistic painting. The aim of this workshop is to obtain illusionistic painting in urban design – graphic symbol that would contribute to the authenticity of the area in which it is being implemented (the entrance to the Museum of Science and Technology). This figure is seen as undistorted only when the observer is at a designated place relating the anamorphosis constructed. A visitor, who is in a state of moving, by going into the Museum, participates in the formation and deconstruction of the image, which contributes to his experience of the sensation of speed.

The workshop is divided into two parts. The first part of the workshop will take place at the Faculty of Applied Arts for a period of ten days, and refers to the implementation and development of sketches, preliminary design and project. The second part is scheduled for realization of the project in the courtyard of the Museum of Science and Technology (4 days).


Participants of Perspective anamorphosis workshop

Anka Arsenić, Sofija Bulog, Andrijana Vukajlović, Anđela Janković, Teodora Pavković, Matija Simović, Sara Fuks
Faculty of Applied Arts, University of Arts in Belgrade , Serbia

Ksenija Birminac, Anica Matović
High School of Civil Engineering and Geodesy in Belgrade, Serbia

Natalia Degórska
Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Krakóv