Additional Activities

27. 11. 2019, as part of the activities of the SmartArt Conference, organized by the French Institute in Serbia, Mr. Emmanuel Bréon Chief Curator of the Museum of French Monuments of the Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine in Paris, will give a lecture on the building of the French Embassy in Belgrade, the unique pearl of French Art Deco style architecture, the work of the famous architect Henry Roger Expert. Mr. Bréon is a Knight of the Arts and Literature, the Coryfey of Ille d’France and President of the Art Deco Association of France, an art historian and one of the world’s greatest experts on Art Deco style. In support of the lecture, historian Stanislav Sretenovic will provide a brief overview of the construction period of the French Embassy building in Belgrade. The lecture begins at 6 pm, at the premises of the French Institute in Serbia, Knez Mihailova 31. Admission is free, simultaneous translation is provided.

L’Ambassade de France à Belgrade – une œuvre d’art totale et unique